Crowler museum of parascience

Museum of parascience

A museum devoted to outdated, or otherwise unproven scientific theories and the paranormal. It is located in the Gaslamp quarter district in a mansion donated by a man named Arthur Crowler. Inside there are plastination preserved bodies, ritual artifacts, and strange machinery developed in the past by various countries engaged in paranormal research. Beneath the museum is a large hidden bunker that is used as the meeting place of the American chapter of the Venatori. It includes a permanent thaumaturgy circle made with valuable materials, as well as an occult library.

Pursuit of Knowledge

Andy Crowler- The caretaker of the museum, and the son of Arthur Crowler, the wealthy explorer that collected the artifacts in the museum, it is now owned and operated by Andy, and used as the meeting place of the Venatori. Andy’s personal collection in the bunker includes a metaphysical radiation gun developed by the Nazis, a Mandrake, and a hibernating 200 year old vampire kept in a glass coffin. He practices alchemy, and dabbles in magic that might be considered questionable by the white council, if he was a stronger practitioner.

Crowler museum of parascience

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