Dresden Files San Diego

8th Session
"Where do you keep the smoke grenades?"

After deciding to try and rescue Nick Spiegal, Luke and Zhishen returned to the Musuem to prepare. Carmen called Luke and warned him that Victor had thrown in with the Fomor, so they could expect both vampires and Fomor at their headquarters. Meanwhile Zhishen talked to Travis and Sam, convincing them to come along and help. They visited the armory and loaded up on weapons and armor (with Luke specifically looking for smoke grenades), and then started for the Old Harbor through the Venatori’s secret tunnels. The tunnel proved to be flooded, and Luke insisted they go by street instead, since the Fomor would have an advantage and he didn’t want it to turn into an Alien situation.

The Venatori arrived at the Old Harbor warehouse in the pouring rain, and spotted a Fomor guard at the gate and another watching from the nearby lighthouse. Sam suggested they take them out simultaneously if they wanted to keep a chance of stealth. Travis took position on a nearby rooftop while Sam took aim at the lighthouse minion and Zhishen crept up at the guard in the gatehouse. He managed to get the drop on him and gave him several good slashes with his katana (you’d THINK he’d use a Chinese sword), but the Fomor showed amazing resilience and immediately struck back. Sam failed to kill the guard on the lighthouse, who began pouring down sniper fire at everyone. Luke helped out by accidentally tossing a smoke grenade to the other side of the lot.

Shortly after, a van pulled up and two more Fomor emerged, with Paranet seer NIrvana Avani held hostage. She ended up shot when Travis tried to fire on her captor. Zhishen revealed a fire potion he’d taken from the lab and threw it beneath the van, setting off a blast that distracted the Fomor and allowed Nirvana to escape. With the hostage clear, Luke charged forward and punched the Fomor. Explosive magical energy augmented his attacks, a consequence of his growing abilities, and he and Zhishen were able to defeat the remaining Fomor relatively easily, until the survivors fled.

Sam tried to convince them all to leave, but Luke stepped forward and kicked the doors to the warehouse open, arguing that if they didn’t rescue the hostages now they might never have another chance. He promptly had a bucket-full of trilobytes fall on his head, but recovered and continued on into the main warehouse.

Inside, a huge lobster tank of cloudy water stood in the center of the room. Suspended above it were three shark cages, containing a dead woman, a living pregnant woman screaming in pain, and Nick Spiegal, bloodied but still alive. Luke rushed in again (you’d think he’d learn) and was immediately ambushed. After getting shot in the thigh, he was snatched up by massive tentacles coming from the glass case and hauled towards the water. Zhishen leapt forward to help and-

(then our internet went out. probably a good stopping place anyway.)

7th Session
"My name is Carmilla."

On the phone with Sam, Luke admitted that he had gone to speak to the Warden in defiance of Sam’s orders, but pointed out that he did so in order to try and solve the murder of Zhao Wong. He told Sam they needed a truce, and Sam agreed to consider it before insisting to talk to Zhishen. After giving his token condolences, Sam told Zhishen that Wong’s death changed everything for them, and they needed him to return to the Venatori Musuem as soon as possible. Luke agreed to come along too under truce, so they could work things out.
Not everyone was willing to give peace a chance, however. As soon as the they got off the phone, Luke and Zhishen noticed a huge flock of crows and ravens gathering around them, along with a build-up of Warden Draven’s magic. They hopped on the motorcyle and tried to flee, but it stalled, leaving Zhishen to ward off the crows with his new gun while Luke tried to get it to work. Eventually, they were able to speed away before Draven could catch up to them.

Before meeting with the Venatori Luke drove to Coronado Island to meet with Carmen at her family home, since she’d asked him to meet with her as soon as possible. Her house proved to be an enormous, elegant, Spanish style home decorated in a crimson and obsidian theme. An actual butler met Luke at the entrance, and tried to object to his carrying Holy Water into the house, but Luke shrugged him off and went in to meet Carmen. In the shady garden, Carmen welcomed Luke to her home and admitted she had a secret to tell him.

“I am the leader of the Red Court of Vampires in San Diego,” she said, almost apologetically. “My real name is Carmilla.”

“C-Carmilla?! Holy sh-”

“Oh! No. Not that Carmilla,” she explained. “I was just named after her.”

Carmen got to the point quickly enough. She knew Luke was involved in the Venatori, and she wanted, as his friend, to protect him from them… and also to use him as a spy against the Venatori, who are her greatest enemies in the city. Luke sidestepped that offer for the moment to ask a few questions of his own. Why did she have her cousin Victor try and kill them at the Paranet meeting if they’re really friends? Why let the meeting get attacked by her own allies (the Fomor)? If she’s a vampire why is she sitting out in broad daylight? Carmen explained that the Fomor have started acting against the Red Court, but she wants to avoid direct blood shed and is working to deal with them in a more subtle manner, hoping to use the Venatori to wipe them out and keep the Court out of it. Victor has gone rogue, possibly throwing in with the Fomor himself, and she very much plans on ‘disciplining’ him for his actions. And Carmen is only a half-vampire, remaining mortal by force of will as part of her duties as the “Pactmaster” of the Court, though she plans to turn vampire when she takes over the position of her father some day.

Questions set aside, Luke and Carmen argued about her motives and actions. Carmen refused to admit to doing anything especially evil, pointing out that she keeps her minions in line, avoids unnecessary killing, and has used the position of vampire lord to improve the lives of many people, such as her vampire butler Ricardo, who used to live on the street as a hopeless addict. She told him she could offer him the same: immortality, protection, power, and the strength he needed to stand on his own and do as he wished.

Luke turned her down, and returned to the museum.

At the Museum, Sam explained that the chapter needed a new Grandmaster… and that a magical ritual could be performed to grant Zhishen all of his father’s memories through the link in their blood. Zhishen agreed to the ritual and new position as Grandmaster, stating that he was going to make some changes around there, the first one being that Luke would be allowed to join without handing over his blood. Upon gaining Zhao’s memories, Zhishen learned quite a lot of important info, namely:

*Wong was responsible for the Warden’s current insanity, due to a curse he cast on him when the Warden was getting too close to investigating the Venatori.

*Wong had created a backup plan to ensure his research was completed: in one month, homunculi he had created and spread all over the city would activate, transforming the entire city into vampires if his research for a vampire cure was not created before then.

*Zhishen’s sister Chloe was needed for the research to be complete, along with as many vampire test subjects as could be found..

Luke and Zhishen resolved to search for Chloe, while Sam and Travis worked on capturing vampires.

The next day, Luke and Zhishen went to speak with Melanie, who begged them to rescue her fiance, being held prisoner by the Fomor.

6th Session
"Class dismissed."

After the big confrontation at the Venatori museum, Luke did some terrified research at the college library, hoping to uncover the weaknesses of Ghouls and Vampires, since he expected to have to deal with some pretty soon. That night, Zhishen was awoken by a voice coming from the golden coin he was given by Tyler Durden at the Cheshire Cat Club, warning him that he was about to be attacked by a demon in 60 seconds.

Zhishen rushed into his friend Padrovsky’s room, woke him up, convinced him they were about to be attacked, shattered his table and door in a failed attempt to create a barrier, tried to fix it, failed, called Luke, and had another conversation asking for his help against the demon. Apparently the voice in the coin counts seconds differently than we mere mortals do.

Eventually, though, a demon did in fact come, one none other than Kalshazzak, the toad demon, who was surprised to find that someone had smashed down the door in anticipation of his arrival. Zhishen noticed it had a brand burned onto its chest: the symbol of Alpha Sigma Sigma. Apparently he’d pissed off Derek enough for him to sic a demon on him. A terrified Padrovsky responded with a prayer of rebuke in Russian, which forced the demon back due to his powerful faith. Perhaps due to Alpha Sigma Sigma’s poor control, the demon quickly retreated after a powerful blow from Zhishen. Luke showed up just in time to accomplish absolutely nothing.

After calming down Padrovsky and explaining that yes, magic is a thing, and demons are real, Luke asked to examine the coin that was speaking to Zhishen. It spoke further to him, explaining that it was the soul of Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés, a claim that Luke and Zhishen found skeptical at best. Examining with his ability Luke could tell the coin was drawing away life energy from Zhishen in a vampiric manner, and decided the prudent solution was to destroy it with his magic shattering ability. Surprisingly, this worked, and the coin was no more.

On his way back to his dorm, Luke was halted by Zhishen who wanted to discuss the Venatori events from earlier in the day. Talk got heated, as Zhishen tried to convince Luke to join and Luke made it clear he wanted nothing whatsoever to do with those assholes, and that he was actually planning on getting the Warden to come and slaughter them all for breaking the Law against Mind Control. But Luke felt bad for plotting the death of Zhishen’s father, and they came to an agreement: Zhishen would work to change the organization from within while Luke worked on creating another group to work with them to protect the city from the many supernatural threats facing it.

The next day, class finally began, and Luke and Zhishen attended Prof. Wong’s chemistry class. “Hey there, Prof. Hitler,” Luke greeted him as he entered, but Wong didn’t seem to notice. As they sat down for class, Zhishen noticed his father was acting very strange, and asked Luke to check it out. Using his magic sight, Luke noticed a magical hex affecting Wong’s mind, but before he could say anything the Professor drew out a gun and began threatening the room. Luke charged down and tackled him, but the gun went off and killed a student, and the Professor Wong put the gun to his own head.

“Class dismissed,” he said, and fired.

Afterwards, Luke, Padrovsky, and Chevsky met with Zhishen to give him their support. Luke explained what he saw and they all decided they should try to solve the Professor’s murder, no matter how much of a bastard he’d been. Oddly enough, Zhishen didn’t seem interested at all, having disowned himself from his father, but the others insisted. Chevsky revealed he was actually the apprentice of the local Warden, Nathaniel Draven, and offered to lead them to him so they could report the magical murder that had occurred.

At first Luke tried to back out, as Sam had warned him to stay away from the Warden on threat of death. But after being accused of being scared, he couldn’t back down, so he asked Chevsky to magically disguise him so he could avoid Sam’s minions who were surely tailing him. Chevsky was unable to help though, so he shrugged and followed along.

Chevsky led them to an abandoned slum on the edge of town, and in short succession both Luke’s motorcyle and Chevsky’s car broke down. Luke noticed a magical mist covering the entire area, visible only to him, and Chevsky explained: his master Nathaniel was a member of a cursed family, afflicted with an endless entropy curse that caused constant bad luck to him and everyone around him. Most people afflicted by it didn’t survive past the age of thirty, but Nathaniel was particularly paranoid and had managed to keep safe so far.

They reached the Warden’s house, which was covered in lightning rods, magical wards, and hundreds of watchful crows. Inside, the Warden himself, and dozens of voodoo doll-like objects soaking up the entropy mist coating the area. Zhishen explained why they were there, but Nathaniel seemed uninterested. Luke began to berate him, and swiftly angered him, as Luke tends to do. Nathaniel then accused THEM of being the murderers, and insisted on a Soul Gaze to test their mettle. Not one to back down from a challenge, Luke took him up on it.

Nathaniel’s soul showed him standing alone atop a massive castle, fortified against an endless horde of monsters below, safe behind his walls and guarded by his crows and magic. He had built himself the perfect fortress to defend himself, and cared little else about anything outside his walls.

Stunned from the Soul Gaze, Luke collapsed and accidentally brushed up against one of the voodoo dolls, breaking it’s defensive spell and infuriating the Warden who threw them all out. With nothing to show for it, Luke and Zhishen began walking back to his motorcycle to return home. On the way, Luke noticed that the man who’d been following him on Sam’s orders had also had car trouble, due to the entropy mist, and Luke chased after him to talk. Zhishen caught him, but the man, a member of Alpha Sigma Sigma named Chaz, drew a gun and threatened them. Unfazed, Luke and Zhishen disarmed him and beat him down. Throwing him against the wall, Luke took out his cellphone, handed it to him, and told him to call his boss. When Sam answered the phone, Luke said “Sam. We need to talk.”

5th Session
"Fuck your dad, and fuck his friends."

Last session, we ended with Luke and Zhishen in the middle of a Paranet meeting. Before any further discussion could begin, they were interrupted when some kind of gas began rising up from the restaurant below, along with the sounds of terrified screaming. While most of the locals panicked, Luke, Zhishen, Victor the bartender and Travis the Marshall leapt into action, securing the upper level and getting ready for a fight.

And a fight is what they got. While Fomor operatives assaulted the restaurant below, a swarm of enormous trilobite creatures climbed the stairs, quickly followed by a horrifying bi-pedal octopus creature. Earnest Creely quickly abandoned the fight by contorting his body to fit through the narrow windows and scampering down the outside wall like a wizard. No idea what his deal is, but his face is no longer the creepiest thing about him. Victor drew out a shotgun, but his aim turned out to be rather poor as he CONTINOUSLY grazed Zhishen and Luke with his shots, while doing nothing to his enemies. Carmen had to wrestle his gun away after awhile.

Travis showed his skills with his own gun but got overwhelmed and seriously injured by the trilobites, while Luke went toe-to-toe with the Octohead and wound up grapple for his troubles. Zhishen proved more effective with a broken wine bottle, and Chevsky (Zhishen’s school friend) showed his skill by using water magic to freeze Octohead in place for a bit. And here I thought he was just an extra. Speaking of magic, Vladimir Ravenloft didn’t seem to be living up to his boasts, so Luke shouted at him to get off his ass and start casting some spells. Ravenloft complied… by accidentally hexing all the lights in the club, adding to the chaos and panic.

After stopping Victor from repeatedly shooting his own allies, Carmen got in on the fight when she whipped up a Molotov cocktail and tossed it to Luke. Since he didn’t think setting the club on fire would do much to calm things down (though I suppose it would have made it easier to see), Luke charged down the stairs screaming and flung the Molotov at the first enemies he saw (triple invoking in the process for a huge attack). Those enemies proved to be 4 Fomor operatives, who were horribly burned by the assault… but so were the rest of the restaurant’s patrons. They were already on their way to being warped into some kind of inhuman barnacle monsters by the Fomor, but they were still alive, and Luke watched in horror as his attack burned them alive. Standing numbly by, Luke’s clothes caught fire. Victor rushed down the stairs with his own Molotov and threw it, finishing off the rest of the Fomor. But stunned though he was, Luke couldn’t help but notice that the Molotov seemed to have been aimed more at HIM than their foes.

Upstairs, Octohead was thawed out and causing more trouble. Travis passed out from his wounds, and Victor wound up shot when Zhishen tried his luck with Travis’s gun. Luke and Zhishen faced the monster alone, and Luke was completely useless against the creature, but Zhishen eventually took it down with another face full of broken glass. Downstairs, the fire department arrived and everyone settled in to wait for them to put out the fire and provide medical treatment. While Zhishen took care of Travis’s wounds, Luke confronted Victor.

Lifting him up and slamming him against the wall, with no concern for his fresh bullet wound, Luke demanded that Victor explain why he kept shooting at them during the fight. Victor then revealed that he was actually a Red Court vampire, but evidently he didn’t feel like fighting. He threw Luke aside and escaped.

After a day of rest, Professor Zhao Wong contacted his son Zhishen and told him and Luke to come to the Wong/Crowler Musuem of Parascience in the Gaslight district.

At the Museum, the duo was surprised to see U.S. Marshall and paranet member Travis Siege, who revealed himself to actually be a member of the Venatori Umbrorum, the same secret society that saved Luke Banner from being raped and murdered by a White Court vampiress a year and a half ago in Dallas. The Umbrorum turned out to be less friendly than he had hoped though. They proved to be extremely secretive, and mostly obsessed with their own questionable experiments. The group met the other members, a “civilized” ghoul named Sam, a doctor named Crowler, and Zhao Wong himself. It turned out that Zhishen’s father was the order’s Grandmaster, and that he had been living a secret double life for at least fifteen years, having fathered a daughter in California 14 years ago that Zhishen knew nothing about. Infected with vampirism, the daughter (Chloe Wong) was subjected to ruthless experiments all of her life in service of Wong’s hopes to create a “cure” for vampirism. A cure that seemed more and more like a biological weapon the more he talked about it.

Wong wanted Zhishen to take over his position and his research, as he was approaching death from some unspecified illness. He wanted both of them to join the Venatori and track down Chloe so he could continue his research, and capture more Red Court vamps for him to play around with. He also revealed that he was remotely piloting the soul-fire golem that Luke had encountered on his way into San Diego. “You owe me a new engine, asshole,” Luke told him. Zhao shrugged.

Though Zhishen was furious at his father’s betrayal of his family, he was browbeaten into accepting induction into the Venatori order. A ritual bloodletting was required, giving Wong access to his blood should he ever need to eliminate him in case of betrayal. Next, he approached Luke to take his blood. “Yeah, that’s not gonna happen,” Luke said.

Luke wanted nothing to do with these scumbags who only wanted to use him for his abilities and treat him like a slave in the process. He refused to join, and Wong told him that he would need to erase his memories of the meeting to keep their secrecy. Again, Luke refused, and Sam stepped in to try and teach him a lesson. Though Luke was easily overpowered, Luke was able to destroy the flesh-mask Sam wore, revealing him for the monster that he was. Sam laughed though, admiring his attitude, and told him he’d give him a week to decide whether or not he’d be willing to join. Luke nodded along, secretly planning to find the local Warden Nathaniel Draven and tell him that Wong was planning to break the laws of magic and invade his mind. Sam saw right through him though, and told him if he went near the Warden, he would kill him.

As the two friends left the museum, Luke summed up both of their opinions on the matter: “Dude, fuck your dad, and fuck his friends.”

4th Session
"I like you guys; I'd hate to have to kill you."

After a night of frustration, tormented by the memories of having been humiliated by the shape-shifting jester at the Cheshire Cat club, Luke woke up and decided to do something about it. Compelled by the GM, Luke rushed down to the Alpha Sigma Sigma frat house, planning to force his way in, get a hold of Derek Decato, and get him to tell him everything he knew about the creature who’d set up the fight club. Instead, the frat house contained only a police officer and a plains-clothed detective (Detective Benson), who did not appreciate Luke’s hostile attitude. Luke was intimidated into telling them all he knew about Derek (heavily edited to avoid mention of the supernatural), and then learned that the entire fraternity had vanished over-night.

Shortly after, the bodies of two of the fraternity members, Fred and Ted, were discovered anally impaled on the football field goal as part of some sort of sick ritual. Zhishen and Luke ran into Benson again and Luke strong-armed Zhishen into telling the cop what he knew about the stolen book of occult, The Hidden Word. Luke did some chatting with the crowd and learned the woman who stole it was named April Garcia, and that she consorted with a big, musclebound, fitness-nut named Marcus who frequented the college gym. Planning to visit the gym anyway, Luke and Zhishen headed that way.

They quickly spotted Marcus, but any thoughts of investigation were put on hold when Zhishen implied that he was a better martial artist than Luke, who immediately decided he would PROVE HIM WRONG. The two of them got into the boxing ring, and several rounds of frenetic combat later, Luke managed to prove that Zhishen… was entirely correct in his assumption. “Kickboxing is bullshit,” Luke grumbled. The fight caught the eye of Marcus anyway, who awarded Zhishen with a complimentary stack of cash and then demanded he fight him next. Zhishen, hoping to avoid any trouble, tried to talk his way out of it, resulting in Marcus suggesting they both take him on together. Marcus quickly proved to be a brutal and capable boxer, but he was no match for their teamwork and conceded with a broken rib, which he insisted was not worth bothering the hospital about.

Having taken a liking to them, Marcus suggested they all go out for a drink and brought them back to his place of business, the Three Amigos Theater, a retro style independent movie theater near the college. He introduced them to the owner, one Diego Garcia, the husband of April the Book Thief, who was unfortunately not around. Marcus offered them a job as muscle for hire… revealing that the theater was a front for a cocaine distribution gang, supplied by a tunnel he claimed ran all the way to Mexico. Both Zhishen and Luke declined, and Marcus was a good sport about it, giving them each $2000 to keep quiet, as well as a blunt threat. “I like you guys,” he said, “I’d hate to have to kill you.”

Afterwards, Zhishen and Luke split up. While Zhishen met his friend Chevsky in the library to follow up on researching The Hidden Word, Luke went out and used the money he got from Marcus to buy a used motorcycle, since his truck was tragically ruined by some kind of golem the night before. From Chevsky, Zhishen learned of the reputation of local Warden of the White Council, Nathaniel Draven. Ridiculously judgemental and violent, he supposedly has a behead-first-ask-questions-never policy, and is the reason the Red Court of Vampires in San Diego has been playing nice lately. Later that night, Zhishen and Luke headed out for the Paranet meetup at the Midnight Club in Balboa Park.

At the meeting Paranet meeting, hosted by Carmen, they were introduced to 7 local members of the Paranet:

Melanie Schultz, a local lawyer who’s fiancee went missing when he (a private investigator) started looking into the disappearances occurring around the harbor. She called the meeting, told everyone about the Fomor threat abducting practitioners, and asked for help. She also offered to legally represent any member of the paranet who got themselves into legal trouble.

U.S. Marshall Travis Siege: A Marshall who “invited himself to the meeting.” Learned about the supernatural in Iraq, where he “took care of” a local Ghoul problem. Seemed like kind of a badass. Seemed concerned about the Fomor.

Vladimir Ravenloft: Yes, Vladimir Ravenloft. A two-bit practitioner as pretentious as his name. Probably an idiot. Claimed to be in no danger from the Fomor, due to his “great power.”

Earnest Creely: A creepy Steve-Buschimi-looking guy. He was very nervous, and advocated fleeing the state to avoid trouble.

Nirvana Avanie: An awkward girl who claims she can see the future. Told Luke he was gonna get beat up soon. As Luke had already been in like 3 fights in the past 24 hours, he saw no reason to disbelieve this prophecy, but wasn’t particularly impressed in her ability either.

Anthony Baxter: A college-aged (but not enrolled) guy rocking the Jesus look. Implied to be a practitioner. No idea what his deal is.

Vincent: A grumpy young guy manning the bar. Has some kind of magic effect on him, but Luke was unable to assess its purpose.

With introductions out of the way, the scene is set for the meeting to really get underway next session.

We ended with a Significant Milestone.

3rd Session
"San Diego is Fucking Weird."

Today was the first actual play session after city and character creation. The only characters now are mine (Luke Banner) and Walter’s (Zhishen Wong). In this session, we arrived in San Diego on the night before our college orientation and got swept up in a bizarre supernatural experience.

We started with Zhishen touching down at San Diego airport, recently arrived from China. He met his father, Dr. Zhao Wong, professor of Chemistry. The two of them hadn’t met for 2 years and Zhao had changed, losing a ton of weight and looking extremely tired and haunted. Walter didn’t seem really interested in him, so I gave up a Fate Point to compel his Seeker of Knowledge aspect, forcing him into a social conflict with his dad in which he learned that Zhao was involved in some extremely important research and promised to tell him about it and ask for his help tomorrow.

Meanwhile Luke was driving towards San Diego from Texas when his truck overheated and he had to pull to a stop in a small ghost town 10 miles into the California desert. Looking for a gas station, he ran into a young teenage girl who seemed quite unwell and broke the ice by asking for his BLOOD. The offer of $500 was not nearly enough to make the prospect enticing to Luke, who had had a very poor experience with a female vampire in the past. Using his spell-sight ability Luke noticed she had some kind of magical curse or effect placed on her, swimming within her blood, and offered to break it with his power. Before he could do so though, she transformed into a half-vampire like creature with long claws, fangs, and winged arms. One slash later, Luke had a bloody gash in his side and decided to get the hell out of there. Conceding, he fled to his car in time to see a stone golem filled with Soulfire lurking by his truck. It tore out the engine, then nodded politely and went in search of the vampire-girl, who flew away. Luke was forced to call a cab.

At campus, Zhishen met up with his room-mate, a Russian student named Padrosky, then went to the library to meet another friend, where he ran into a young woman stealing a valuable looking old book of the occult. He also got accosted by some rich douchebag frat boys belonging to the group Alpha Sigma Sigma. Despite being stupid, hostile, racist, bullies, their leader Derek apparently had a welcoming side to him, as he invited both players to a orientation party at local night-club The Cheshire Cat.

Luke met up with mutual friend Carmen, a local organizer for the Paranet, and settled into his room. Zhishen extended to him Derek’s invitation, and though he was not at all excited about he prospect of spending all night partying with douchebags he agreed to attend, trying to be sociable.

At the Cheshire Cat, Luke and Zhishen were immediately greeted by non-other than an identical Tyler Durden look-a-like, he denied the resemblance, but went by the name Tyler anyway. Flipping a golden Spanish doubloon, he yelled for someone to catch it. As Luke tends towards needless hostility towards others as a basic personality trait, he stubbornly refused, and Zhishen caught it. Tyler told him the coin was his ticket to a special event, and herded everyone down to the basement.

Minutes later, Tyler had dozens of shirtless men imitating the movie Fight Club. Yes, the movie exists in this world, and yes, everyone had seen it. Well, except Luke, who admitted he only knew about it from hearing people talk about it. Regardless, as the holder of the golden coin, Zhishen was forced to fight another man who had been impulsive enough to take one: Derek, the representative of Alpha Sigma Sigma. Despite inviting everyone to the party, he clearly had no idea what was going on and was terrified.

As the two of them began fighting, Luke grabbed Tyler, demanded an explanation, and threatened to call the police. Tyler wasn’t impressed, and lifted him up with immense strength, clearly capable of crushing his throat if he felt like it. Realizing he wasn’t human, Luke focused his mage-sight, revealing that most of the people in the room, as well as Tyler himself, were some kind of illusion. Summoning up all of his strength (by which I mean he spent 3 Fate Points) Luke used his spell-shatter ability to destroy the illusion, ending the fight and revealing a small figure in a jester outfit, who reacted with irritation and fled.

Luke shook his head, glanced around, and declared that “San Diego is fucking weird.”

2nd Session
Character Creation

2 sessions in and we already lost another player, bringing it down to just me (Bluespade) and Walter. Seeing as I had my character already and needed to get up hours before the sun for work, I spent the session in bed, occasionally shouting bits of advice through the door to the skype group as Walter created his character out of Discworld and Papers, Please references.

Characters are complete, so we’re now good to go.

1st Session
City Creation

The first session was just city creation, with a tiny side of character creation.

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