Dresden Files San Diego

8th Session

"Where do you keep the smoke grenades?"

After deciding to try and rescue Nick Spiegal, Luke and Zhishen returned to the Musuem to prepare. Carmen called Luke and warned him that Victor had thrown in with the Fomor, so they could expect both vampires and Fomor at their headquarters. Meanwhile Zhishen talked to Travis and Sam, convincing them to come along and help. They visited the armory and loaded up on weapons and armor (with Luke specifically looking for smoke grenades), and then started for the Old Harbor through the Venatori’s secret tunnels. The tunnel proved to be flooded, and Luke insisted they go by street instead, since the Fomor would have an advantage and he didn’t want it to turn into an Alien situation.

The Venatori arrived at the Old Harbor warehouse in the pouring rain, and spotted a Fomor guard at the gate and another watching from the nearby lighthouse. Sam suggested they take them out simultaneously if they wanted to keep a chance of stealth. Travis took position on a nearby rooftop while Sam took aim at the lighthouse minion and Zhishen crept up at the guard in the gatehouse. He managed to get the drop on him and gave him several good slashes with his katana (you’d THINK he’d use a Chinese sword), but the Fomor showed amazing resilience and immediately struck back. Sam failed to kill the guard on the lighthouse, who began pouring down sniper fire at everyone. Luke helped out by accidentally tossing a smoke grenade to the other side of the lot.

Shortly after, a van pulled up and two more Fomor emerged, with Paranet seer NIrvana Avani held hostage. She ended up shot when Travis tried to fire on her captor. Zhishen revealed a fire potion he’d taken from the lab and threw it beneath the van, setting off a blast that distracted the Fomor and allowed Nirvana to escape. With the hostage clear, Luke charged forward and punched the Fomor. Explosive magical energy augmented his attacks, a consequence of his growing abilities, and he and Zhishen were able to defeat the remaining Fomor relatively easily, until the survivors fled.

Sam tried to convince them all to leave, but Luke stepped forward and kicked the doors to the warehouse open, arguing that if they didn’t rescue the hostages now they might never have another chance. He promptly had a bucket-full of trilobytes fall on his head, but recovered and continued on into the main warehouse.

Inside, a huge lobster tank of cloudy water stood in the center of the room. Suspended above it were three shark cages, containing a dead woman, a living pregnant woman screaming in pain, and Nick Spiegal, bloodied but still alive. Luke rushed in again (you’d think he’d learn) and was immediately ambushed. After getting shot in the thigh, he was snatched up by massive tentacles coming from the glass case and hauled towards the water. Zhishen leapt forward to help and-

(then our internet went out. probably a good stopping place anyway.)


JonathanStuard Bluespade

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