Dresden Files San Diego

3rd Session

"San Diego is Fucking Weird."

Today was the first actual play session after city and character creation. The only characters now are mine (Luke Banner) and Walter’s (Zhishen Wong). In this session, we arrived in San Diego on the night before our college orientation and got swept up in a bizarre supernatural experience.

We started with Zhishen touching down at San Diego airport, recently arrived from China. He met his father, Dr. Zhao Wong, professor of Chemistry. The two of them hadn’t met for 2 years and Zhao had changed, losing a ton of weight and looking extremely tired and haunted. Walter didn’t seem really interested in him, so I gave up a Fate Point to compel his Seeker of Knowledge aspect, forcing him into a social conflict with his dad in which he learned that Zhao was involved in some extremely important research and promised to tell him about it and ask for his help tomorrow.

Meanwhile Luke was driving towards San Diego from Texas when his truck overheated and he had to pull to a stop in a small ghost town 10 miles into the California desert. Looking for a gas station, he ran into a young teenage girl who seemed quite unwell and broke the ice by asking for his BLOOD. The offer of $500 was not nearly enough to make the prospect enticing to Luke, who had had a very poor experience with a female vampire in the past. Using his spell-sight ability Luke noticed she had some kind of magical curse or effect placed on her, swimming within her blood, and offered to break it with his power. Before he could do so though, she transformed into a half-vampire like creature with long claws, fangs, and winged arms. One slash later, Luke had a bloody gash in his side and decided to get the hell out of there. Conceding, he fled to his car in time to see a stone golem filled with Soulfire lurking by his truck. It tore out the engine, then nodded politely and went in search of the vampire-girl, who flew away. Luke was forced to call a cab.

At campus, Zhishen met up with his room-mate, a Russian student named Padrosky, then went to the library to meet another friend, where he ran into a young woman stealing a valuable looking old book of the occult. He also got accosted by some rich douchebag frat boys belonging to the group Alpha Sigma Sigma. Despite being stupid, hostile, racist, bullies, their leader Derek apparently had a welcoming side to him, as he invited both players to a orientation party at local night-club The Cheshire Cat.

Luke met up with mutual friend Carmen, a local organizer for the Paranet, and settled into his room. Zhishen extended to him Derek’s invitation, and though he was not at all excited about he prospect of spending all night partying with douchebags he agreed to attend, trying to be sociable.

At the Cheshire Cat, Luke and Zhishen were immediately greeted by non-other than an identical Tyler Durden look-a-like, he denied the resemblance, but went by the name Tyler anyway. Flipping a golden Spanish doubloon, he yelled for someone to catch it. As Luke tends towards needless hostility towards others as a basic personality trait, he stubbornly refused, and Zhishen caught it. Tyler told him the coin was his ticket to a special event, and herded everyone down to the basement.

Minutes later, Tyler had dozens of shirtless men imitating the movie Fight Club. Yes, the movie exists in this world, and yes, everyone had seen it. Well, except Luke, who admitted he only knew about it from hearing people talk about it. Regardless, as the holder of the golden coin, Zhishen was forced to fight another man who had been impulsive enough to take one: Derek, the representative of Alpha Sigma Sigma. Despite inviting everyone to the party, he clearly had no idea what was going on and was terrified.

As the two of them began fighting, Luke grabbed Tyler, demanded an explanation, and threatened to call the police. Tyler wasn’t impressed, and lifted him up with immense strength, clearly capable of crushing his throat if he felt like it. Realizing he wasn’t human, Luke focused his mage-sight, revealing that most of the people in the room, as well as Tyler himself, were some kind of illusion. Summoning up all of his strength (by which I mean he spent 3 Fate Points) Luke used his spell-shatter ability to destroy the illusion, ending the fight and revealing a small figure in a jester outfit, who reacted with irritation and fled.

Luke shook his head, glanced around, and declared that “San Diego is fucking weird.”


JonathanStuard Bluespade

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